Fundraising Events

Each year FNI hosts an anticpated event featuring a lovely dinner, socializing and top-notch entertainment.
Below is information on what funds have been used for thanks to successful past events and wonderful supporters like you.

2015 Field of Hope – Sounds of the Valley

Proceeds will be used to acquire equipment in support of an FNI initiative in rehabilitation research.  FNI’s efforts will be aimed at accelerating the ability of stroke and other neurological patients to return to a more normal lifestyle.

2014 Field of Hope – Close to Cures starring Scotty McCreery

Proceeds were used to purchase an in vivo imaging system, which enables researchers to explore the cellular basis of disease and determine the response to various therapies in living organisms.

2013 Field of Hope – Celebrating 25 Years

Funds from Field of Hope, Celebrating 25 Years, will help provide fellowships for students who will work with the Field Neurosciences Institute (FNI) research staff in Saginaw.  The Fellows will work to identify the possible causes of and potential treatments for Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological disorders that are being studied by FNI researchers.

2012 Field of Hope – Steps Ahead

Funds from Field of Hope, Steps Ahead will go toward the purchase of state-of-the-art laboratory and clinical equipment. The lab equipment, which includes a spectrophotometer and gel imaging system, will increase the precision of assessing the therapeutic efficacy of various treatments of neurological disorders being tested in cell models in the FNI lab.
The clinical equipment includes an O-arm surgical imaging system with StealthStation navigation, which provides real-time, intra-operative imaging of a patient’s anatomy with high quality images and a large field-of-view in both two and three dimensions. This allows more accurate navigation for surgeons when they perform complicated neurosurgical procedures.

2011 Field of Hope – BennettFit

Proceeds from the Field of Hope BennettFit fundraiser have initiated the first-ever Field Neurosciences Institute Endowed Research Fellowship. The addition of the state-of-the-art lab equipment obtained during the last two fundraising events has made it possible for FNI to expand its productivity into new and innovative directions, and funds for the new research fellowship will greatly increase the opportunities for medical breakthroughs. This fellowship will provide the seed money for a growing endowment that will be a perpetual source of support for young researchers who possess a passion for neuroscience and a fervent desire to commit their time and energy toward searching for promising new therapies. It will be an enduring source of new talent in FNI’s hope and quest to find effective treatments and cures for neurological dysfunction. Your contributions will provide critical and long-lasting support for FNI’s mission to provide desperately needed help and hope for the millions of people who suffer from central nervous system disorders.

2010 Field of Hope – Close to Home

Incubator Fluoroscence Microscope System
This system will provide 3-D, time-lapse analyses of cultured cells, allowing us to screen potential treatments faster and more effectively than we can ever do by using animal models directly.  It will accelerate effective screening of potential drugs and adult stem cell treatments by several years–saving an estimated $1M in the next 10 yrs.
This system will make the FNI Lab in Saginaw the best-equipped lab for cellular neuroscience North of MSU!

2009 Field of Hope

Flow Cytometer
Funds were used to purchase a flow cytometer, a state-of-the-art cell-sorting apparatus that will “jump start” the research progress by months or even years.

2008 – Field N Phantom

The chosen purpose for the FNI 2008 Fall Gala Fundraiser was the purchase of a “Sprinter” van.  This vehicle is shared by our Clinical Research Department when they are doing community events such has health screenings as well as our Injury Prevention/Education Department when they take their ThinkFirst/Buckle Your Brain programs “on the road” to area schools and events. The van is fully accessible for our V.I.P. (Voices for Injury Prevention) educators so all FNI staff can travel to their destinations together.