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Current Research Projects

Alzheimer's Disease


A comparative study of curcumin, nanocurcumin, and other classical amyloid binding dyes for labeling and imaging of amyloid beta plaques in mouse model of Alzheimer's disease (5xFAD)
Dysregulation of molecular chaperones, autophagy lysosomal pathways, unfolded protein response in vivo and in vitro: protective role of curcumin.

Huntington's disease research


Neuroprotective effects of nanocurcumin on mouse models of Huntington's diseases: Background: Huntington's disease (HD) is an autosomal dominant neurodegenerative disorder which causes abnormal muscle coordination and leads to mental decline and behavioral abnormalities. In this project we are using YAC128 and R6/2 animal models of HD and investigating whether nanocurcumin can protect medium spiny neurons (most affected in HD) in mouse models of this disease. The mice were fed with nanocurucmin (100mg/kg body weight) for 2 months and morphology of individual medium spiny neurons, their dendritic arborization are studied (ongoing). Besides that, from these mice several markers protein for neuronal death and neuroprotection has been investigated.